Prowlarounds is a super-cute puzzle game in which you, a streetwise calico cat, must lead your kittens to safety in the suburbs!

Prowlarounds Title

Prowlarounds Title

Each day, you as Calico must place lures like milk, yarn, and bells, in the streets of the city to help guide your kittens safely to food and shelter each night.  There are also dogs roaming the streets, who would love a cat-snack, so watch out!  Your kittens also love to sleep on warm sewer grates, and when hungry they can’t resist the baited trap!  Keeping them safe is no easy matter.



Prowlarounds is designed to be very easy to get into, with all the info you need to play right on the screen as in-level hints and instructions.  After a few levels, though, the difficulty ramps up due to the kittens’ puzzle-movement nature, and eventually becomes quite challenging.  (Some kittens prefer to turn left at intersections, some right.  Dogs also have “personalities”, and the use of the lures to guide everyone around becomes tricky!)


prowlarounds-3.pngProwlarounds is the second formal release from indie developer Gizmodeus Games.  It is available for bidding on FGL now!



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