Matchpot! is a challenging action puzzle game that requires you to line up shapes and colors in a ring, trying to score a Matchpot!


Chips slide smoothly around the outside of the machine towards the Switcher. You control the Ring, spinning it left and right to determine where new chips will be placed.


When a chip reaches the Switcher, if the Ring is in the correct position, it will be pulled in automatically. If not, the chip flows back into the machine.

MP Orange Circle                

Get three same-colored chips in a row on the Ring, and they will combine! Their new shape depends on what chips were merged, and if you matched four or more chips, the new chip can be silver, gold, or even platinum!


Once you have a combined chip, you drop it into the 3×3 “slot machine” grid. When the grid is full, you will score bonus chips for each line in the slots (eight ways). Three of a kind (color or shape) and metal chips score big bonuses, so strategy is key here. You might even score the Matchpot! for a huge bonus!


The game has three play modes. Classic is a short, three-round challenge with only “locked” chips as an obstacle. In Expert mode, you are challenged to five rounds and must also deal with “blocker” symbols. For the ultimate challenge, try 1k Blitz and see how efficiently you can score 1,000 bonus chips!


Matchpot! is designed from the ground up to have full support for color blindness with no ugly color-blind mode.  Instead, the entire game uses attractive symbology to ensure a color-blind player can fully enjoy the game as-is.  The game also features professionally-recorded jazz music and stingers, so the auditory experience is as fulfilling as the game itself!

Matchpot is the first release from indie developer Gizmodeus Games.  It arrives on iOS in July, and is planned for release to multiple platforms.

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