Matchpot! for iOS almost ready

As Evette ( polishes the final artwork for Matchpot!, I’ve been testing the game thoroughly on our devices.  It’s amazing how much more you can always find to fix or do, well after you thought the game ran perfectly in simulation.

Since we decided to include video capture as part of the celebration for a Matchpot! (think jackpot), it looks like we will need to limit the game to the iPhone 4 for now, since that’s where the front-facing camera comes into being.  The retina graphics look so crisp and polished that I’m jealous of her ability, as usual.

Over here in code monkey land, it has been a process mostly of reacquainting with C#, that love child of C++ and Java, and starting a library of game controller, level controller, menu classes which will hopefully be useful in future games.  Time to market seems to be everything for an indie these days.  I guess it really is like my CS professors used to say: encapsulation and reusability.  You live or die by them.

I’ve done so many professional/corporate projects in my life…

It’s strange being a full-time indie releasing a first game.  Flying along without a safety net, the ground looks so close, and yet the sky is only one hit away.