Prowlarounds on FGL

Hot off the press, Gizmodeus Games latest creation is available for bidding and playing at!

Prowlarounds Title

Prowlarounds Title

In Prowlarounds, you take the part of Calico, the leader of a gang of alleykittens who must lead them on a puzzling adventure to find their forever home! Dodge dogs, fish-baited traps, and warm sewer grates as you carefully guide your kittens with yarn, milk, catnip and more.

Prowlarounds currently features twenty-four levels and a warm, engaging storyline that begins in the scary back alleys of downtown and carries through to the white-picket fence of a suburban refuge.

Try Prowlarounds on FGL today, and submit a bid if you would like to sponsor the game. You will need an FGL sponsor account to play the game prior to release.

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